Payments Hub

One real-time, reliable connection for instant payments, domestically and across borders.

For Banks, Fintechs and Businesses.

One connection

One integration to payment rails across Santander banks worldwide.

One servicing model for all your payment processing.

One legal agreement for all your payment services.

One Connection

99%+ of instant payments fulfilled within 1.2 seconds.

Service available 24/7, 365 without legacy infrastructure downtimes.

Store payments when schemes are closed for automatic processing when they open.


Instant payments where supported by schemes.

Track your payment every step of the way.

Instant notifications for every payment you send or receive.

Reduced Failures

Intelligently route each payment based on your speed, cost and acceptance preferences.

Simulate your payments before sending them to reduce failures.

Repair & retry failed transactions from our payment hospital.

Peace of Mind

Bank-grade security, data encryption, and infrastructure hardening process and policies.

Strictly compliant with scheme rules and regulations across three continents.

Future-proof integration because our APIs shield you from scheme changes.

Built for Scale

Our Payments Hub is already processing millions of payments daily for Santander customers and external clients in Europe.

Payment Schemes

Make instant payments up to £250K, including payments originated outside the UK

Same-day unlimited-value payments when sent during UK business hours.

Pay out Direct Debits from your account plus send and receive low-cost BACS payments.

Make unlimited-value payments within the EEA.

Make instant payments up to £100K within the EEA.

Send funds between geographical areas (such as UK and USA).

Make unlimited-value payments within Europe, including payments originated outside the EEA.

Santander Internal Transfers

Make electronic transfers between 2 accounts in the same Santander bank.

Coming Soon